This controversy involves making erroneous copyright claims that are not the main source of a third-party company, such as Nintendo and Viacom for example.


On August 25, 2016, VideoGamePhenom discovered that one of its videos was taken down due to a copyright claim. Although no third-party copyright company was founded to be the main source, the claimant was eventually revealed to be NintendoGamingHD. VGP blocked NGHD two months prior to this incident, citing that NGHD posted personal and confidential information on VGP's Google Plus page. A day after NGHD was blocked, it created an account that impersonated VGP. From there on, more accounts were created by NGHD to continue cyber-stalking VGP. Two months after NGHD had its main account blocked, it began flagging videos for copyright infringement, and a successful takedown was made on August 25, 2016. During the massacre, NGHD took down a total of 60 videos, which included one entire playlist. VGP contacted Google and YouTube support teams everywhere to discuss about this massacre, only to no avail. The massacre eventually stopped at around the end of September 2016, and since then, all videos that were taken down have all been restored.

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