Gumshoos (Japanese: デカグース, meaning Dekagoose) is a Pokémon introduced in the Nintendo 3DS games, Pokémon Sun & Moon.


Gumshoos is similar to a mongoose. While it moves on all fours, it is capable of standing on its hind legs with its hands locked behind its back, similar to a human. Most of its coat is brown with a yellow underside that extends over the top of its tail. It has an additional yellow stripe that starts on its forehead and ends between its shoulders. There are tufts of fur near its shoulders, hips, and around the base of its tail. These tufts in combination with its yellow underside create the impression of an open trenchcoat. Its ears are rounded with a small notch, and are located on the sides of its head. It has a short snout with a pink nose, a large mouth full of pointed teeth, eyes nearly hidden under its yellow stripe, and tufts of yellow fur on its chin. There are three black claws on each of its four short legs. Despite its length, Gumshoos is thick bodied and has a wide, flat tail with longer fur on the tip.

Gumshoos hunts by waiting along its prey's known travel routes. Due to its tenacious personality and ability to withstand intense hunger, it is able to wait for its prey for long periods without eating. Once the sun sets, this Pokémon's stamina is depleted and it will fall asleep where it stands. It is particularly fond of Rattata and Raticate as prey, but rarely encounters them due to its diurnal nature.


  • Gumshoos appears to be based on a mongoose and a detective.
  • Gumshoos continues the trend of a common Normal-type mammalian Pokemon in a two-stage evolution and placed early on in the Pokedex list.
  • Gumshoos has horizontally-slitted pupils, similar to real-life mongooses.
  • Gumshoos is a combination of "gum shoe" (another name for a detective), and "mongoose".
  • Upon its reveal, Gumshoos drew comparisons to a famous billionaire businessman and politician, Donald Trump due to its similar-looking hairstyle which quickly became an internet meme. However, The Pokémon Company has denied any intentional connection.
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