Kirby: Canvas Curse, alternatively Kirby: Power Paintbrush in European English, and Touch! Kirby in Japan, was released for the Nintendo DS on March 24, 2005 in Japan, June 13, 2005 in North America, and November 25, 2005 in Europe. A sequel known as Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was later released for the Wii U.


Kirby has been transformed into a ball by the evil witch known as Drawcia. Now, the hand drawn rainbow paths from the Power Paintbrush become the only possible way Kirby can collect items, defeat enemies, and finish stages. Kirby: Canvas Curse is very unique than any other regular Kirby game, as it features innovative touch screen controls, and uses the stylus almost exclusively, rather than the buttons on the Nintendo DS's bottom screen display.


Layout: (level name) - (notes, if applicable)

Level 1: Reddy LandEdit

  • Plant Plain - Introduction stage. Kirby must simply head east on these grass lands to finish it.
  • Tiny Town - Uses various pipes to travel from one section of the area to another. One of the medals requires the orange switch from Rift Ruin.
  • Ravine Road

Level 2: Arange GorgeEdit

  • Ghost Grounds
  • Growth Grasses
  • Mag Mount

Level 3: Iello AdventureEdit

  • Rift Ruin - Contains the orange switch.
  • Contrast Cave
  • Silver Submarine - Heavily relies on swimming mechanics.

Level 4: Neo GreoEdit

  • Machine Mansion - First "mansion" themed level.
  • Dreamy Darkness - Focuses on the lamps that light up the area.
  • Paletto Polis

Level 5: Bloo HillsEdit

  • Cold Course - Contains the blue switch.
  • Dungeon Dome
  • Canvas Canyon

Level 6: Omarine ZoneEdit

  • Collapse Castle
  • Volatile Volcano
  • Silent Seabed

Level 7: Wonder LilaneEdit

  • Frozen Fantasy - Contains the blue switch.
  • Mad Mechanism
  • Spectacle Space

Level 8: The World of DrawciaEdit

Kirby must travel through an empty void and then battle Drawcia by taking advantage of the magic paintbrush to save Dream Land from the canvas curse.

Rainbow RunEdit



  • In the Japanese version, the levels and stage names are displayed in their romanized English form.
  • Level 8 aside, the first letter of each world name spells out RAINBOW. The first letter of both words in the stage names are all the same for levels 1-7.
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