A Silver Lynel is a fictional enemy founded in the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These enemies are the toughest and highest rank of the Lynel species class.


A Silver Lynel is a very rare enemy, and can only be seen after defeating the previous version counterparts, regarding the order from a Lynel, a Red-Maned Lynel, a Blue-Maned Lynel, and a White-Manned Lynel. After defeating all of the previous counterparts, a Silver Lynel will be available, but has a select few locations. The Coliseum Ruins is the most common location to track a Silver Lynel. A Silver Lynel has a maximum health point meter at 5,000, seemingly making it tougher than the final boss of the game.


A Silver Lynel is armed with a flaming sword, a giant axe, a highly durable shield, and a bow that shoots elemental types of arrows, in which all of its attacks cause great damage. When it roars, it will charge up its flaming sword to cause an explosive eruption, ranging at a fairy large radius. It can also do running attacks with the sword and swinging its flaming weapon at many different timing patterns. When using its bow, electrified arrows shoot at great speed, making them nearly unavoidable. It can shoot fireballs straight in the direction its target is standing multiple times.


After defeated, a Silver Lynel will drop the following weapons and items.


  • Lynel Horn
  • Lynel Hoof
  • Lynel Guts
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz
  • Diamond
  • Star Fragment


  • Savage Lynel Shield
  • Savage Lynel Bow
  • Savage Lynel Spear
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