The Final Countdown is a song written and performed by Swedish rock band, Europe. The song was released in 1986, and was also included in Europe's third album, The Final Countdown. The song achieved notoriety for various awards, including Best hits of the 1980s and many more. The Final Countdown turned out to be Europe's most successful songs, and one of the most successful songs across the world.


The Final Countdown features a riff played on a programmable keyboard in the intro and in various parts of the background. The keyboard riff focuses solely in the intro with other effects blended in until the main part features the guitar, bass, and drums. Mid-way through the song, a guitar solo takes shape. The song was written and sung by Joey Tempest.


The Final Countdown has become a favorite for many causalities, being played at sporting venues, sometimes played to rally crowds. It has also become a subject to being a favorite for dance parties, nightclubs, and many other casual events. It has even served as a staple for high school and college prep bands for the same purpose.


  • Joey Tempest - Lead vocals
  • John Norum - Lead guitar
  • John Levén - Bass
  • Ian Haugland - Drums
  • Mic Michaeli - Keyboards

Other mediaEdit

The Final Countdown is included in the 2009 video game, LEGO Rock Band. It is also included in the 2012 Ubisoft game, Just Dance 4.

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