The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is a video game released for the Nintendo 64 on October 24, 2000. It requires an Expansion Pak to play for N64 users.


The game is set about two years after Ganondorf was sealed within the Sacred Realm in an unreal future in Hyrule. Link, living out his childhood, leaves Hyrule in search on his former guardian fairy, Navi. But his search turns misguided when a Skull Kid in possession of Majora's Mask ambushes him and lures him to the land of Termina, which is under doomsday in only three quick days. Link must explore Termina and search for clues in an effort to stop the moon from crashing onto the land.



A terrible fateEdit

Link, riding his horse Epona, is in the woods covered in fog. Tatl and Tael, two fairies in yellow and purple, carelessly approach Epona, knocking Link into unconsciousness. A Skull Kid wearing a mysterious mask approaches Link and steals the Ocarina of Time from him. Link soon awakens and reveals the treachery. It an attempt to take back his instrument, the Skull Kid evades and boards Epona. Link grabs the ankle of the Skull Kid, doing desperately what he can to hold on until the edge of a tree stump separates Link from his horse. Link soon re-awakens, and explores the rest of the woods until falling a long way down onto a large flower. The Skull Kid casts an evil spell on Link, causing him to have hallucinations of Deku Scrubs ambushing him. Link is then transformed into a Deku Scrub. The Skull Kid and Tael flee, while Tatl deals with the transformed Link, only for herself to be separated when a door closes. Resentful about being separated, Tatl is forced to help out Link, so they explore a mysterious tunnel that leads to a room full on mechanism. On their way outside, the owner of the Happy Mask Shop approaches them, telling them that he has followed them. He explains that he will return Link to normal if he can take back the Ocarina of Time, and in return, the mask the Skull Kid stole. However, he also explains that he is a busy fellow, and must leave within three days. As Link and Tatl and concerned about this theory, they go outside to a place called Clock Town.

Exploring Clock TownEdit

With their first step in the world of Termina, Link and Tatl have only three days to see if they can find the lost instrument and mask. Tatl explains that the Great Fairy is located somewhere in town, but her body has dissipated due to the power of the mask from the Skull Kid. A Stray Fairy is found by the town's Laundry Pool and taken back to the Fairy's Fountain at the north side of town. Link is given Magic Power, which allows his to shoot bubbles.The first test of shooting a bubble is on a balloon with Majora's Mask in it, attracting the attention of a young boy, who proclaims himself to be a member of a gang known as The Bombers. He gives Link an exam to find all five members of The Bombers, who hide in various parts of town. After finding all five members, Link is given a 5-digit secret code to enter the hideout, which has a pathway towards the Astral Observatory. In the observatory, Link gazes through a telescope, sees the Skull Kid, and the Moon drops a tear behind the gates outside of the observatory. Link collects the tear and returns to Clock Town. As Link tries to approach a yellow Deku Flower near the Clock Tower, a Business Scrub comes in and requests for a Moon's Tear. Link gives the tear, and the Business Scrub takes off, allowing Link to use the flower to reach a platform on the Clock Tower. On midnight of the Final Day, the carnival begins, and the doors open in front of the platform of the clock tower, allowing Link to go to the top of the tower to confront the Skull Kid. The Skull Kid uses a telekinetic force to draw the moon closer, giving Link only five minutes to do anything before doomsday occurs. Link shoots a bubble at the Skull Kid, causing him to drop the Ocarina of Time. Link takes back the instrument, and has a hallucination of a flashback with Zelda teaching the Song of Time. Link plays the Song of Time, going back in front of the Clock Tower on the Dawn of the First Day.

Returning to normalEdit

With the instrument taken back, Link goes back inside the Clock Tower to meet the Happy Mask Shop owner, who teaches him the Sing of Healing. Playing the song, a hallucination shows a giant Deku Scrub retreating, and Link is returned to his human form. He is given the Deku Mask, so he can transform into a Deku Scrub anytime. But the Happy Mask Shop owner is resentful about not getting his mask back, and he explains that the mask, Majora's Mask is a mask that has evil spirits sealed within passed down from its tribe. With Link back to his human form, he must venture through the four compass location of Termina, in a swamp, in the mountains, at an ocean, and in the canyon.

The SwampEdit

A fateful flashbackEdit

Exploring Termina Field for the first time, Tatl witnesses a drawing of the Skull Kid, reminding her of when she first met him. A flashback shows Tatl and Tael exploring Termina Field on an evening with heavy rain and thunder. The find a lonely Skull Kid shivering, and come to his aide to comfort him. By morning, the fairies and the Skull Kid explore the field and play around. Meanwhile, they go to the woods and witness the Happy Mask Shop unconscious, and the Skull Kid steals Majora's Mask.

Exploring the swampEdit

Link continues south towards the Southern Swamp and into the Forest of Mystery. There, he witnesses Koume injured from the Skull Kid, and she needs a potions to heal. With no bottles in possession, Link goes back to the swamp and visits a potion shop owned by Kotate, and explains about the injured Koume. Kotate offers Link a bottle with a Red Potion, so he can take it to Koume to heal her injuries. With Koume healed, she returns to the Swamp Tourist Center, and offers Link a free boat cruise to the Deku Palace. At the palace, Link must avoid the guards and use Deku Flowers to cross the upper rims of the area while avoiding attacks from Mad Scrubs. Once entering the other side of the Royal Chamber, Link spots a monkey captured in ropes. The monkey gives clues on how to enter the Woodfall Temple, so Link, in Deku Scrub form, bring out the Deku Pipes to learn the Sonata of Awakening. After learning the song, guards and servants capture Link and escort him back to the entrance of the palace. Link explores the rest of the Southern Swamp and comes across a mysterious statue that teaches the Song of Soaring, a song that can warp Link to various own statues he struck with a sword before. Entering Woodfall, Link plays the Sonata of Awakening to reveal the Woodfall Temple.

Woodfall TempleEdit

Inside Woodfall Temple, Link uses various Deku Flowers and must watch for poisoned waters. He encounters various enemies, including some Snappers, Dinofols, and a Gekko. He eventually finds a new weapon called the Hero's Bow, a weapon useful for attacking enemies from safe distances. One dungeon has a flower-shaped structure that can be lit up when an arrow on fire lights up the torch, causing it to uproot and purify the water across the dungeon. After exploring the dungeon, Link meets the dungeon's boss, Odolwa. Odolwa possesses a large sword and shield, and can summon harmful moths. After Link defeats Odolwa, he receives Odolwa's Remains.

Aftermath of the SwampEdit

After obtaining Odolwa's Remains, Link is warped to a mysterious tower, and a red giant appears. The giant makes strange tones, while Link retraces the tones with his instrument that resembles to the song, the Oath to Order. The waters in the swamp are purified, and Link is returned to the Woodfall Temple where a Deku Princess is imprisoned. Link frees the Deku Princess and takes her back to the Deku Palace.

The MountainsEdit

Quests in the mountainEdit

At the northern area of Termina Field, Link uses the Hero's Bow to strike an icicle two times, causing the icicle to fall and break the ice blocking the path. Link takes the path to the mountain while using bombs to clear out some big snowballs. He then reaches Mountain Village, where there is nothing but a lone cabin known as the Mountain Smithy. Continuing ahead, Link enters Goron Village. He speaks with a Goron who opens the gate to the Goron Shrine, where Link witnesses a baby Goron crying. Back outside, Link meets an owl, dropping feathers on invisible platforms that guide Link to a cavern with a chest containing the Lens of Truth. With the Lens of Truth, Link can see what's invisible, including the ghost of Darmani III. Darmani guides Link back to Mountain Village and up an invisible ladder that leads to a graveyard. With Darmani in the graveyard, Link plays the Song of Healing and receives the Goron Mask. With the Goron Mask, Link puts in on and pulls a grave to release some hot spring water. With some hot spring water filled in a bottle, Link thaws out an old Goron. Explaining about the baby Goron, the elderly Goron teaches a new song, but only knows part of it. Link learns part of the song, and goes back to the Goron Shrine to play it in front of the baby Goron, who finishes the song, now called the Goron Lullaby. With the song learned, Link heads for Snowhead, where he witnesses harsh winds. With help from the Lens of Truth, a giant Goron is the main source of the high winds. Playing the Goron Lullaby, the giant Goron sleeps and falls off the edge, allowing Link to enter the Snowhead Temple.

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