This lists a policy of guidelines if VideoGamePhenom blocks or bans users on YouTube and Google Plus. If a user of YouTube or Google Plus is blocked, it can still post comments, but they will not show up to the public and VGP won't be able to read them, and you are still able to view content. You will receive a message on your comments wall or private message section when VGP blocks you. Depending on the severity of the channel rules broken, the block could be a couple of days, weeks, maybe indefinite.

List of guidelines when blockedEdit

  • Do not create multiple accounts:

If your account is blocked, do not comment with an account that's evading the one VGP blocked. If you are deemed to be using more than one account, and if your main account is blocked, your secondary and multiple accounts will also be blocked.

  • Do not file erroneous copyright claims:

This is a no-brainer. This represents total retaliation if VGP blocks you. Do not flag videos for copyright infringement, which may lead to a takedown of that video. Even if the video is deemed to have the same title or same clip, and even if the quality or duration is different, there's no right to flag it for infringement. If you are caught doing this, you will be reported, and this is also a violation of YouTube's terms of use, which could lead to termination if abused.

  • No cyber-stalking/bullying:

Even if you know this user on other websites, such as Facebook for example, do not come to argue about your recent YouTube block. Do not brag about or go on a stalking spree either. If you are caught doing this, you will be reported.

  • Just get over it and move on:

No exceptions! If you're blocked for breaking the rules, VGP takes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever.


See the sample rules on the VGP channel

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